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    I am working at a firm that I am trying to use my version of myEclipse over intellij. When pulling in from bit bucket it provides a project for the parent, and then two projects for each of the modules inside the workspace – so three projects.

    I get continuous error below just looping when I have project->build automatically on:
    Errors running builder ‘Java Builder’ on project ‘appserver’. javax/annotation/processing/AbstractProcessor

    So the here is the setup
    app-parent (project)
    has appsserver (project)
    has client (project)

    the appserver has maven references for the build. The maven compiler i had to add the jdk for 1.8 using a different name than what is used for the project — basically on windows->pref->Maven I could not grab the same name as what was assigned to the project i had to create a new name pointing to same jdk dir.

    So Basically the build automatically is not working… When i manually run a maven configuration for a clean and package it runs successfully.

    …Also the project is spring boot one. I enabled on the parent maven project the dynamic web module/java/ in the hopes I could run it on the embedded tomcat in eclipse but it doesn’t list it as an option to deploy. How can I get that to work once this compiles inside the ide? If i was to build a .war file through run->maven configuration how can I get the embedded myeclipse tomcat to pick that up?

    Any solution links to maven multiple modules/projects that you have corrected for others would be great. I didnt seem to find anything with success on a search.

    Any notes on how to release a generated war file in an output dir to get it running in the embedded tomcat would be appreciated.

    This seems to work flawlessly in intellij. I like your product more and showing some others – but right now need to get this application setup and working in myeclipse 2019.4.0 build 16.0.0-20190403


    Errors running builder ‘Java Builder’ on project ‘appserver’.

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    Brian Fernandes

    I’m sorry we missed your post yesterday, apologies – and thank you for trying to get things working with MyEclipse despite the problems.

    1) The issue with AbstractProcessor is caused due to the fact that MyEclipse runs with Java 11, where a whole bunch of classes which earlier shipped with Java are missing. A known fix to this, is to start MyEclipse with Java 8, by changing the target of the -vm argument in the myeclipse.ini file you can find in the MyEclipse installation. You need to point to a similar java binary from a Java 8 installation and this error should go away.

    2) An alternative way of fixing this would be to examine the libraries in your project to see which one is causing this issue. Can you see the solution discussed here? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48238014/how-can-be-solved-java-lang-noclassdeffounderror-javax-annotation-generated

    We’d love to fix this issue, but unfortunately have not been able to reproduce this locally, so if you could share a project that makes this happen, that will help us as well.

    3) The embedded Tomcat server is 8.5 and it won’t deploy Java EE 8 projects (fine with Java 8, Java EE is different). I think you may have chosen Java EE 8 when adding web capabilities to your project, which is why it won’t deploy to the embedded server. You have two options, either install an external Tomcat 9 installation (not much more involved than unzipping the archive). Or downgrade the Java EE level on the project to Java EE 7 (assuming you don’t really need Java EE 8). This will allow you to deploy the project directly from the IDE, without needing to push the WAR.

    Please let me know how you get on, would like to get this sorted with you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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