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    One thing I use in VSCode that I miss when I’m in Codemix is multiple cursors. I know eclipse has column selection but I find it is not adequate compared to the VSCode functionality.

    Is this something that could possibly be brought over to Codemix?

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    Brian Fernandes


    We are aware of the functionality but not too many users have requested it. I’m going to add your request to the list and see if we can raise the priority – thank you for asking!

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    Hi Brian, me too, I love this feature!
    I never used Code, but a friend of mine showed it to me and I loved multiple cursor so much that I searched for an Eclipse equivalent, found it and installed it. It exists as a standalone Eclipse plug-in and it works flawlessly. At least in standard Eclipse editors. This was before I discovered CodeMix. In fact I’m unable to make it work with CodeMix editors. 🙁
    Maybe you, awesome developers, are able to solve the issue and include it in CodeMix. It’s available under EPL and you can find it here:
    Thank you for reading me 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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