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    I know, there’s a lot of messages outside in many websites talking about it, but nobody had resolve/implement/develop this (IMHO) greatly function that Eclipse doesn’t have: MULTIPLE ROWS TO MANAGE OPENED TABS!!

    So, what about to make it possible, as in the picture? It’d be great!

    Eclipse Multi-row Tabs

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    Also, as reply to the previous post by myyang:

    Myyang post in chinese

    If you use Google Translate, you can know what myyang is saying. In fact, it happens to Linux, Windows and Mac systems. myyang says the top menu, as shown in the attached image, is looking white, following the windows’ theme guidelines. When I was developing in windows last year, the dark theme wasn’t completely dark. Menus like “Open resource”, or “Switch Editor” has the text in white color and the highlight in light-gray. So why not to improve that?

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Many applications employ a single row of tabs but I see that this could be useful for some developers. I’ve raised the suggestion with developers for them to consider in a future release.

    Keep the ideas coming!

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