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    Hi myeclipse team,

    i was going to buy “MyEclipse 9.0 for Spring “, but then I saw the new release of ME 10.

    Are you planning to release “MyEclipse 10.0 for Spring” in the near future?

    Kind regards,

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    Yes, we are targeting early next week for the release of MyEclipse for Spring 10.



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    I just wanted to follow up on this thread and announce that MyEclipse for Spring 10 was released last week.

    It can be found in Pulse if you select the Indigo menu on the top-left of the Pulse window, or can be downloaded from this page.


    sweet (^_^)


    Is there a version 10 ME4S STS Edition update site for Eclipse 3.7 Indigo? The following update sites are not compatible:

    On Eclipse Marketplace marked as Eclipse 3.7 & ME4S 10: :

    Neither Eclipse 3.6:

    Neither does an indigo version of the above update site convention exist:

    So what’s the plan? Is there one? Will there be one? Should I post elsewhere?

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    Hi b4l4nc3r,

    There is currently no plan to release a ME4S STS Edition for Indigo. I will look into why the post is on Eclipse Marketplace.


    Does the future of ME4S STS Edition look grim? Should users start considering choosing either STS or ME4S to benefit from the latest releases?

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    The level of interest in the ME4S STS plugins has been too low for us to continue to invest in the version. It’s possible that increased interest in the plugins could prompt us to reassess that position but at this point it doesn’t seem likely.

    If you need to move to Indigo then the only option would be try ME4S that is built on top of MyEclipse Pro. Of course, if you did perform a comparison of STS and MyEclipse for Spring/MyEclipse Pro, then we’d love to hear your thoughts on what features of STS would improve MyEclipse for Spring.


    I understand the situation.

    I’ve not performed a detailed comparison, but I’ll share my relevant reasoning.

    I like to keep options open, and available, and SpringSource is so far has confirmed their commitment to STS, in a certain sense just as Genuitec & Skyway did for ME4S.

    But STS seems offers much more diversity also in terms of interoperability with other technologies and vendors. Things that come to mind are Roo, Grails, Groovy, Cloud Foundry, etc.. And since its under VMware’s direction, it feels very reliable to bet on it, too. Perhaps just a little bit more, since STS is dependent on a different business model, and seems much more adopted and familiar to Spring-oriented Java developers.

    ME4S is brilliant in terms of fast project startup speed, and high productivity development & maintenance friendly tools. Especially since alos just as Google tec friendly.

    So I’d rather not choose between the two, nor “reverse-engineer”/analyse/deduce/etc.. the relevant SpringSource’s reasoning used on their directions, from experiencing the overview of the tools, and and advocate that for ME4S team.

    Both have a different set of strengths and weaknesses, also in terms of speed in certain parts of the development stages, and the need to restart (a heavy) workbench to use another profile to use the right tool, for the relevant development stage, or project.

    I’d prefer, if ME4S at least was possible to add to a Classic Eclipse 3.7 Indigo profile, on top of MEC Pro ( ) which can coexist with STS.

    Does ME4S offer at least the possibility of such a coexistence? Aside closer integration, not minding overlap in covered featured, as long as installable. Or should users that using similar reasoning as me, realize that there is a fork in the road, and keep it in our mind when making our decisions or advice others in that regard, in the future?

    I understand that coexistence of similar features is a problem at the richness of an IDE level, not just simple plug-ins, but I believe it’s key. And I believe that the MEC Pro “compartmentalising”/dividing of the features into separate plug-ins available from the above mentioned update site, did a great job to allow STS to be used in the same profile, instead of its –in comparison– less sophisticated Spring tools in that case.

    Perhaps if the ME4S team is indeed convinced that user’s interest for the ME4S STS Edition probably won’t increase to be enough to be enough to motivate a revival as newer releases, then perhaps it would also be user friendly –in terms of removing the coexistence-based hidden choice-limitations– to treat ME4S’s distribution like that of MEC Pro, to allow a more refined selection of the needed features, and offer the needed update sites for it too.

    Based on their feedback, I’d know what to do in my own case. Right now, I’m still using Ec 3.6 + MEC & ME4S v9 STS Edition + STS, but I want to switch to the new profile I’ve set up using Ec 3.7 + MEC v10 + STS, and preferably have ME4S included in the same profile.

    To be blunt, it really sucks to restart my profiles, I’ve set up the whole thing to give me maximum options to build, test, etc.. most Java open source projects, and test technologies and tools in the same workbench, and in the same workspace. I even have set up a project naming-convention to keep a healthy level of overview in the same workspace, which is needed, even when using ‘working sets’, when the list of projects in the workspace grows.

    The possibility of easier coexistence is really an important key. The reputation of MEC Pro suffered a great deal from the feedback of my own surrounding back when it was at the ME4S level in terms of that which I’ve tried to clarify above from my own perspective. And they were right, I had the same issues.


    Is ME4S also offered through an update site?

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    ME4S is not offered through an update site. We had a version for STS that was available via update site but there was not enough interest from the STS community for us to continue to maintain that version of the product.

    If you have MyEclipse, you can add it to your install via Pulse or the Software Configuration Center embedded in MyEclipse. It will be one of the options on the Software tab.


    I’m tried both the Pulse interface & the embedded ‘Configuration Center’ but I can’t find an option under the ‘Software tab’ when searching for ‘myeclipse for spring’ or do you mean the ‘spring support for myeclipse’ one? Isn’t that the normal spring support that comes by default with myeclipse pro?


    I’ve installed myeclipse pro 10 using the update site.


    Neither do I see the option to add the ‘Spring Edition’ features to an existing ‘MyEclipse Pro’ profile installed using the ‘Popular Ready to use profiles’.

    Is it really possible to add the ‘Spring Edition’ features to a ‘MyEclipse Pro’ profile? Or does one have to use the specialised ready to use ‘MyEclipse for Spring’ profile and start adding other plugins from scratch?

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