MyEclipse 2017: Integrity Check Error / Unexpected Termination

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    Brian Fernandes

    Symptoms: If you have an older install of MyEclipse 2017, your IDE may display an error dialog indicating an Integrity Check failure, after which it will terminate. In some cases, the termination will take place without warning.

    Affected versions: MyEclipse 2017 CI 2-5, Stable 1


    There are several ways in which you can fix your installation to get up and running. Simply choose the one that would work best for you:

    OPTION 1) Upgrade to the latest version of MyEclipse 2017
    Please upgrade to the latest version of MyEclipse 2017, either Stable or CI by downloading a fresh MyEclipse 2017 installer, and using the Upgrade option within the installer to upgrade your existing install. Please download either a Stable or CI installer, depending on what stream you already have installed.

    OPTION 2) Install MyEclipse 2018
    An alternative to upgrading your 2017 install, is to install MyEclipse 2018 instead, as it is unaffected by this issue. You can have 2017 and 2018 simultaneously installed, and can point 2018 to your 2017 workspace to continue working as before.

    OPTION 3) Update your core plugin
    i) Shut down MyEclipse.
    ii) Please check your [myeclipse_installation_directory]/plugins folder for a file with a name like: com.genuitec.eclipse.core_15.0.0.201702030319.jar – please note that the version in your install may be different, resulting in a slightly different file name.
    iii) Download: http://downloads-archive.genuitec.com/downloads/partners/misc/fixed_plugins.zip
    iv) Replace the com.genuitec.eclipse.core plugin in your plugins folder with the corresponding file from the above zip.
    v) Start MyEclipse.

    If you have issues implementing any of these options, please write to support@genuitec.com

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