MyEclipse 2019 won't start after update with CodeMix

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    Brian Fernandes

    If you had CodeMix installed in MyEclipse 2019.04, then updating to 2019.12 could result in a MyEclipse installation which will fail to start. A dialog box stating that the companion library could not be found, or a generic error message asking you to look at the log file would be displayed.

    This issue is caused by corrupt myeclipse.ini and config.ini files after the update. There are two ways in which this can be fixed:

    Option 1: Download and install our new MyEclipse + CodeMix bundle which you can find on our download page. You can point this to your existing workspace, so your projects and preferences will remain, but you will need to install plugins beyond CodeMix. Going forward, this bundle will be the recommended way to get a MyEclipse install which has CodeMix pre-installed, and it will be updated in-synch with regular MyEclipse releases.

    Option 2: Fix the corruption in the ini files manually.
    Note: Please follow these steps only for a broken update to MyEclipse 2019.12, not other versions where these steps will be invalid.

    Fix myeclipse.ini (eclipse.ini on macOS)
    The corruption in this file caused by duplicate -startup and --launcher.library arguments, where some of the duplicate arguments point to binaries that were part of the previous version of MyEclipse. Please delete these bad references as in the screenshot below.
    myeclipse.ini corrections

    Fix config.ini in the installation’s configuration folder.
    The osgi.framework and osgi.bundles properties may point to older libraries. Please delete these properties and replace with the following.


    Please see this doc for help locating these files.

    We sincerely apologize for the disruption and inconvenience caused, unfortunately the update bug was in version 2019.04 which applies the update, making it difficult to fix with a subsequent release.

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