MyEclipse 2020.5.18 Update does not apply correctly

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    Brian Fernandes

    After updating to the 2020.5.18 release, if you see the new MyEclipse splash but the IDE appears unchanged otherwise (Help > About still shows the old version), please read on for details on how to fix. This issue only affects MyEclipse installations which have CodeMix manually installed.

    How To Fix

    1. Shut down MyEclipse
    2. Edit the config.ini file in your installation’s configuration folder
    3. Update the values of the osgi.bundles & osgi.framework properties as follows:
    4. Edit your myeclipse.ini file, and add a -clean switch at the top of file and save it.
    5. Start MyEclipse – you should now see the new version in the product.
    6. The -clean switch can now be removed. Future updates will not be affected.

    Future Updates

    This issue was caused due to duplicate bundles and an unfortunately missing patch in a prior release of CodeMix. Apologies for the inconvenience caused – the current release includes the required fixes, so future updates will not be affected by this issue.

    If you use CodeMix with MyEclipse regularly, and are doing a fresh installation, you might also want to consider using the MyEclipse + CodeMix bundle – available on our download page. This is a build of MyEclipse that is integrated with CodeMix by default, and is updated at the same time as our regular MyEclipse builds.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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