MyEclipse 8.5 Server Run Configuration Problem

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    Our shop is currently using 6.5 and I am trying out 8.5 to prepare for an upgrade. I am encountering some problems with the server run configurations after it is saved in a shared file.

    To duplicate the problem, in a Web project, invoke Windows|Preferences|MyEclipse|Servers|Tomcat|Tomcat 5.X, enable the server and specify the directories as appropriate. Then click on Launch after expanding Tomcat 5.x on the left pane. The Run or Debug Configuration Window dialog will appear. Click Close and you are back in the preferences dialog. Click OK. Now if you open the Run or Debug configuration dialog (one way of doing this is to select Run|Run Configurations… from the menu), you will see Tomcat 5.x created under MyEclipse server. If you double click it, it will run the Tomcat server. All is good so far.

    Now open the Run Configuration dialog again and select Tomcat 5.x we just created. Then select the Common tab. Select Shared file radio button. Then click on the browse button to select a directory under your project. Then click on Run. Now you will receive an error saying “No server associated with launch configuration. Aborting launch.” After this, even if you change back to Local file from Shared file, it will still not run.

    This works fine in 6.5. I have not tried other servers other than Tomcat 5.x since this is what we use.

    Could you take a look at this? We cannot upgrade until this is resolved.


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    I could replicate this at my end and I have raised a PR with the dev team
    Thank you for bringing this up.

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    Do you have a time frame when this will be fixed? Could you post a reply when the fix is released so that we can download and upgrade?

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    Brian Fernandes

    We are investigating this issue and a fix is currently targeted for the MyEclipse 8.6 release in early July. In the meanwhile, if you do not use a shared file, does the configuration work for you as expected?

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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    We have a large team and really need to be able to share the same server configuration as part of the project (we have some unique server set-up parameters to suite our needs). Otherwise everybody has to configure the server themselves.

    OK, I will wait for 8.6 for the fix. Thanks.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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