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    I updated to version 2023.1.0.a yesterday and my most favourite tool “MyEclipse explorer” no longer search your custom folders.
    All Java has been automatically organized into a folder “Java Resources”, and this is not searchable, nor is folders “Spring Beans”.

    When I search a word I can see folders (with content) and files including the word, but only when the file is in a regular folder (webroot . I used to be able to find namespaces, folders and files following my naming conventions (very easy way to find things related).
    If I remove the folder from Build path, it is yet again searchable.

    Is this configurable or a bug?

    Bjarne Havnen

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    Brian Fernandes


    Glad to hear you love using the MyEclipse explorer! As you may have guessed, this issue is caused by the introduction of the Java Resources folder – we hadn’t realized it would affect the search in this way. This is a bug that we will address in an upcoming maintenance release of 2023 (sadly could not be addressed in 2023.1.1 which we released a few hours ago).

    In the meanwhile however, you can get the search working again by disabling this new node. In the MyEclipse Explorer’s view menu, choose Filters and Customization. In the resulting dialog, click the Content tab and disable the “Enhanced Java Rendering for Web Projects” item. The Java Resources folder will now no longer be shown and searching should work as before.

    Hope this is an acceptable workaround for now, thanks again for reporting this issue!

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    Thank you, that worked!

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    Brian Fernandes


    Just wanted to let you know that with the 2023.1.2 update, you can turn the Java Resources node back on, the search will now work for resources within this node too.

    For more on this release, please see: https://www.genuitec.com/myeclipse-2023-1-2-summer-fixes/


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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