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Posted on Jul 7th 2023

2023.1.2 is a minor bug-fix release for the MyEclipse 2023 stream. If you already have MyEclipse 2023 installed, simply check for updates in-product (Help > Check for Updates…) to pick up this new release. Alternatively, download our updated offline installers to install 2023.1.2, or if you’re a MyEclipse Secure customer, use Get Packs in the SDC admin console.

In case you missed it, please read our 2023 release blog, packed with juicy details on all the features we delivered in this major release.

Read on for details on what’s fixed and improved in 2023.1.2.


For Maven projects, we fixed a regression in 2023.1.1 which prevented the dependency IntelliSense in the pom.xml from working. If you haven’t already tried this feature, please do – it provides an experience that is far more productive than what was previously available in the Add Dependency wizard.


The integrated version of Spring Tools has been updated from 4.18.0 to 4.19.0. This addresses performance issues reported by some of our users with an excessive number of Spring related jobs running in the workspace. If you continue to experience issues, please let us know.

MyEclipse Explorer

In MyEclipse 2023, a Java Resources node was introduced to group Java resources in some project types. The filter in the MyEclipse Explorer can now search through resources that were nested under this node. If you’re not familiar with this filtering capability, do give it a try!

Third Party Plugins

If you updated to the 2023.1.1 release from a prior release, installation of several third party plugins would fail with odd dependency errors. This issue would not affect fresh installations of 2023.1.1. Update to 2023.1.2 to resolve this issue, restoring your Eclipse ecosystem freedom!


A critical failure in the Report Web Project wizard would prevent it from opening. This has been resolved.


You’d see a number of error dialogs when dealing with Mylyn tasks – those that existed in your workspace as well as when creating new tasks. These issues are now resolved.

MyEclipse Secure

For our MyEclipse Secure customers with Pro/Blue licenses, a MyEclipse 2023.1.1 installation created using the pack would not launch – this issue has been resolved in the 2023.1.2 packs.

Thank You for The Feedback!

We appreciate the quick and detailed reports of the issues you’ve hit in the 2023 release. Please continue to send in your feedback on MyEclipse; new features you’d like to see, bugs bothering you, and any other annoyances – drop us a tweet, or email us.