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    Tony Herstell

    Please consider adding these tools to MyEcliupse as standard.
    Quarkus is becoming pretty standard now for enterprises.

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    Brian Fernandes


    Thanks for asking – we already have included these tools in MyEclipse 2020.9.16 and are working on updating them to the very latest version for our next release (currently in development).

    You may need to add the component explicitly to see the tools (they are added to new installations by default, but not for upgrades), use Help > Choose Components > Web > Quarkus Tools for MyEclipse. This will likely fail if you’ve already added the tools manually, as they will conflict with the version you have installed – in this case, you can simply stick to your installed version for now.

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    Tony Herstell

    I have been using the Quarkus tools for a while now. Very impressed so far.
    Sadly it’s not as efficent for coding as Exploded deployment onto Wildfly as any code change causes a application stop/start which blows away the state… so another step backwards…

    Anyhow; it took away the complicated setup for Quarkus I was using.

    Now… there is some code hidden away that makes it all work – “wrapper” (hidden inside the project).

    One problem was I copied a project (I think from git… maybe); reloaded it and the tools seemed to stop working (I may have just copied the “Debug Configuration” and renamed it as well)… took a good while to figure out the hidden “wrapper” code was not there…. copied that over and things started working again…. VERY confusing and time consuming… perhaps a check, on project load, to see its supposed to be a quarkus project, or check how the user is launching it and check for that hidden “wrapper” code and report it missing?????

    BTW; I am using JSF in the Quarkus project thanks to the plugin that exists now (https://github.com/apache/myfaces/tree/master/extensions/quarkus)… a big miffed to see the XHTML editor be called legacy when the “generic editor” does not seem to offer completion (ctrl-space)!… so I still use the XHTML files for the JSF…

    For this “legacy” editor; it would be useful to have the Design and Preview tabs under an “option” (or removed if no one uses them) as they are no use really (perahps to someone doing pure html??)…

    JSF is still heavily used and myself and others still are creating new projects in it as its so productive.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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