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    Before you dive in to post an issue about the theme, please take a quick look at existing issues. If something looks like it fits into the same patterns of problems, add your screenshot there please!

    Rules for New Posts

    • We’re looking for bad breaks — subjective “goodness” should be covered in the Suggestions forum!
    • Try to be explicit on how to get to the UI that breaks including plug-ins etc. See below on suggested details

    There is a lot of creative engineering in how Darkest Dark works — due to a wide array of coding styles by third-party developers, we had to take liberties in definitions of “White” and “Black” and even at times decide “well Paul asked for Bright Yellow, so he gets Dark Blue.” We’ve tested over an array of stacks including the Eclipse IDE packages, MyEclipse IDE, Spring Tools Suite, JBoss Tools, and more to try to catch the majority of the top services. That said, we may have missed some other developer patterns.

    What’s easy for us to fix:

    • A nasty color combination from places like a visual editor
    • A messy icon style for the dark theme (you can help soon with this one!)
    • Fancy scrollbars on Windows are breaking UI layout in a certain area

    Now, there are a slew of other things that could happen, but you knowing some things are super easy hopefully will encourage you to jump in fear free to report issues!

    To Include in Reports

    IDE Package: (Eclipse for Java EE)
    IDE Version: Eclipse 4.6.2
    Relevant Plugins Installed: Plugin+Version, Plugin+Version
    Steps to reproduce the issue:
    1. ...
    2. ...
    3. ...

    And then attach screenshots that exhibit the issue! We appreciate your help in making Eclipse awesomely Dark!

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    • This topic was modified 7 years, 5 months ago by timwebb.
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