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    Steps to produce:

    Open eclipse workspace
    Click on obj3.js file in Project explorer to open in Javascript::Codemix editor
    Click on Eclipse menu File > Save As …
    Enter file name obj4.js and click ok
    Receive “Resource “/breakHier/combine/obj4.js” does not exist

    In the Linux shell the file also is not visible and has not been created.

    As a side effect of this error now some .js files become uneditable in the sense that the editor pane, which already was open before this error occurred, does not react to nay key presses any more. Also, in these edit panes do not show highlighting any more. The side effect vanishes after an Eclipse restart.

    This is on CodeMix 3 Release CI 2019.9.25 and Eclipse Oxygen 3a release 4.7.3a

    Currently it renders Codemix unusable for any larger edit tasks… 🙁

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