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Posted on Oct 29th 2019
In this release we’re introducing a quick access control panel for Angular, a vastly improved validation and build pipeline, and we’ve made loads of reliability and stability fixes to the product, in response to your feedback. Core changes made in this version improve the efficiency of communication between CodeMix and the underlying Code OSS engine, resulting in a smoother dev experience.

Control Panels

We wanted to place key functionality at your fingertips, and so, making its debut in this release, is the Angular control panel. We only had time for a single technology in this release, but rest assured, control panels for other languages and frameworks will soon follow.

The control panel is designed to be configurable, so that you can set it up to see only the capabilities that are of most importance to you. Using the panel to build, serve or even run an audit against your project is straightforward – here it is in action.

Build, Validation and Linting

In response to some serious amounts of user feedback, we’ve overhauled the way in which building, validation and linting works in CodeMix. Whether you’d like to watch your project continuously, or perform a one-time build or lint, it should now be much easier to initiate the action, and understand what processes are running on your project.

Specifically for Angular, we’ve added the ability to lint the entire project, not just the files that being currently edited.

Some of you have also reported synchronization problems between errors reported by external tasks, editors and the problems or markers view. These should now function in a much more reliable manner. We’ve also fixed a plethora of validation related issues:
  • Multiple watch tabs opening in Terminal+ in watch mode.
  • Linting failures not respecting the tslint.alwaysShowRuleFailuresAsWarnings setting.
  • Error messages oddly truncated in the Problems / Markers views.
  • In some circumstances, unable to start watching projects on Linux.
  • CodeMix build not starting on macOS.

Evergreen No More

This is the last release that you will be updated to automatically. Going forward, CodeMix will no longer automatically update itself.

You can check for updates using regular Eclipse mechanisms such as the Help > Check for Updates action. We will still notify you about updates though, so you will be informed when new versions are available, and can choose to update when convenient.

Integrity Check

If an update was interrupted, there is a chance that your CodeMix installation would get corrupted in such a way that recovery, even trying to uninstall and reinstall it, would not set things right. With evergreen updates no longer in effect, this should now be a rarer occurrence, but we’ve added a check to inform you if we find integrity to be compromised. CodeMix will then attempt to redownload the bad bits and repair your installation.

Miscellaneous Fixes

Here are some of the key fixes made across the product in this version:

  • Save-As would not work reliably, resulting in odd editing issues after the file was saved with another name / location.
  • If you moved a file with unsaved changes, you could potentially lose some of your changes. Such moves will now be disallowed.
  • A bug in Find & Replace could cause the operation to fail in some circumstances, with no changes made.
  • For Angular 8 projects, the live preview pane would show up blank, and some of our element wizards would not work due to changes in the CLI.
  • If you had warnings in your project, the app state was not correctly reported by the Servers view.
  • The --proxy-config parameter was being ignored for custom ng serve launches.
  • If your application was emitting errors / warnings as you tested in the Live Preview pane, they would not show in the Console view until an external browser was opened.
  • Undo in JSON files would sometimes undo several actions en masse.
  • Content assist suggestions would sometimes extend outside the bounds of your screen.
  • The “Show-in” context menu would not list the Project Explorer in the Angular Perspective.
If you have comments or feedback on this release, or CodeMix in general, do reach out to us on Live Chat, Twitter or our forums – we’d love to hear from you. In case you don’t already have CodeMix installed, go ahead and download it now.