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    First off, I love the Darkest Dark theme. Great Job! However, I really want the background for the editor windows to be BLACK (e.g. #000000) not some shade of gray. I had made this hack with the out-of-the-box Dark theme from Neon and it was simple. However, with DarkestDark, I have not been able to make this happen. It is strange, the background will come up BLACK, and then changes to a dark gray. Other color properties are also, momentarily, different.

    How do I make this change? The Color Themes plugin (although VERY Cool and uses for other changes) does not do the trick. I am running Fedora 23 and Neon.

    I would love to get this working, as well as a few other color changes and make it available to others.


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    Thanks for the kind words; they’re appreciated.

    I’ve asked one of the developers to respond to you on the problem of specifying a black background.

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    We’re going to see if we can do something in the next release to enable this.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    Hey @mglaris, sorry for the late respond. But this issue has been already fixed in our CI4 Release. Please update and then try changing the background color for your editos as you wish. Cheers!

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