slow/hang on F3/open selection on jsf

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    We have a very old project that always gives a hang when clicking the F3/open selection on a JSF item. It usually will eventually open the backing bean method but often logs an eclipse error of UI Freeze, sometimes up to 14 seconds. It seems like the first time on a JSF it will hang, then work freely. If we open another, it will hang there as well first, and so on.

    Any ideas what to look for or test? Log attached of a 2s and 7s freeze.

    thank you

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    Sorry that you are seeing this issue. I tried to replicate the issue with a sample project but do not see the lag.

    1. Is the freeze happening only with this particular project? Any other project with JSF also exhibiting the same problem?
    2. Can you please try turning off Tern and check if it helps? Please see this FAQ for more details :
    3. If the freeze persists, then please send us 3-4 thread dumps when MyEclipse freezes. It would help us figure out what process is running. To take a thread dump, you will need to run
    jstack -l 9000 > dump1.txt
    Please replace 9000 with the PID of the MyEclipse process, the jstack program can be found in the bin directory of any JDK installation. If you can generate 3-4 dumps (sent to different files, of course) during the period of freeze, and attach those files here, that could help a great deal.
    4. Please also share the MyEclipse version details along with more details about the project, i.e approximate size, number of JSP files etc.

    Apologies for inconvenience caused.

    Genuitec Support

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