Troubleshooting performance issues in MyEclipse 2015

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    If you are using MyEclipse 2014 or earlier versions, please see this document.

    If you have noticed long running jobs labeled “Synchronizing script resources with Tern server”, or errors with “Calculating completion proposals” where the IDE goes into a non-responsive state, these situations are caused by performance issues in our JavaScript tooling, read on.

    In MyEclipse 2015, we switched to Tern, for content assist, from Eclipse’s JSDT solution. This has lead to better analysis of JavaScript code and a higher quality of content assist proposals as well as added functionality for modern frameworks like Angular JS.

    We have noticed that with large JavaScript code bases, the Tern server is overloaded leading to a non-responsive IDE as described above.

    For users on the MyEclipse 2015 CI stream, this issue was addressed in MyEclipse 2015 CI 12. This update is more efficient with JavaScript performance from the get go, but it has further performance options as well. Users on the CI stream are urged to update to CI 12 or later; for users on the Stable stream, please update to Stable 2.0 or later.

    MyEclipse 2015 CI 12 and Following

    In 2015 CI 12, if MyEclipse notices a performance issue with your project, you will be warned and given the option to take corrective action. Options include:

    1. Increase the performance setting either for your project or globally.
    2. Change the scope to work only on a single file (as opposed to the entire project) or turn Tern off entirely:
    3. Modify the JavaScript source path, as described in the section below.

    MyEclipse 2015 CI 11 or earlier

    1. Right click on your project and choose Properties.
    2. Select the MyEclipse > JavaScript Resources node and the Source tab.
    3. Click the Excluded node and click Edit.

    4. Click “Add Multiple …” and select folders containing JavaScript that you do not actively work and/or folders with a large number of JavaScript resources. You can also exclude individual files.

    5. Click OK to persist these changes.
    6. In case MyEclipse has already processed this server, you may need to restart MyEclipse for these changes to take effect.


    • When JavaScript code is excluded from source folders, you will not get content assist proposals covering JavaScript entities defined in these files.
    • Often you have a large number of JavaScript resources in your project but are only actively working with a small subset of these resources – if you are facing performance issues, consider excluding resources you are not working with.
    • Check the technologies page for source that you have in your project. You can exclude the source files from the source folder and enable the corresponding Tern module on this page instead for improved performance and content assist.

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