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    Brian Fernandes

    If you are having performance issues in MyEclipse 2015, please click here for more information that might help.

    1) myeclipse.ini settings
    If you are using a 64-bit installation of MyEclipse, you may want to increase the memory settings in myeclipse.ini; 64-bit software really does consume more memory and our tests have shown that the increase can be as high as 30 to 40%. You may need more memory even on a 32-bit install, if you have a large workspace.

    The myeclipse.ini file can be found in the same folder as your MyEclipse executable. Open it in any text editor and change the values based on the size of your workspace. For instance, the following settings may be preferable to the defaults.


    2) JavaScript issues with MyEclipse 9 and above
    MyEclipse 9.1 and later
    In MyEclipse 9.1, we have introduced several JavaScript code analysis modes to allow you to tailor the JavaScript feature set to suit your specific needs. While the Active mode is feature rich, in very large workspaces it can lead to memory and performance issues; a problem further compounded if you do not actively work with JavaScript. The Passive mode is a good mix of necessary JavaScript features and performance, this is the default mode for MyEclipse 9.1.
    To change your JavaScript code analysis mode, go to Window > Preferences > MyEclipse > Files and Editors > JavaScript

    MyEclipse 9.0
    In case you are not interested in global JavaScript analysis, you can remove folders from the JavaScript indexer by performing the following steps. Note that JavaScript validation and auto-completion within a single file will still work, however it will be disabled across projects and while you will see squiggly lines indicating errors, actual problem markers will be disabled so errors will not appear in the problems view or the ruler.
    You may want to do this if you have a lot of generated JavaScript code in your projects or entire JavaScript frameworks (such as YUI or DOJO) which you deploy with your projects but do not directly use or actively work with.

    Go to Project Properties > MyEclipse > JavaScript > Include Path and the Source tab. Expand any entry and then select the Excluded node and click Edit. In the resulting dialog, click Add in the Exclusion patterns section and type in “WebRoot/**” (you will need to change this if your WebRoot folder is differently named). This will prevent the JavaScript indexer from running for all resources under your project’s WebRoot folder. Based on how your project is structured, you may want to exclude different folders and can use wildcards as required.

    Note that these steps are not required with MyEclipse 9.1 and above, simply switch to the Passive JavaScript mode as directed in the MyEclipse 9.1 section above.

    Some background information:
    In MyEclipse 8.6.1 we had custom JS solution that was highly efficient in terms of memory consumed. Unfortunately, this solution had to be withdrawn due to several other issues surrounding compatibility with third party plugins and we have moved back to an integrated JSDT solution. We have brought several of our custom JS enhancements to JSDT, but the memory issues remain unresolved and far from trivial to fix.

    3) MyEclipse Configuration Center
    Depending on your actions, the MyEclipse Configuration Center could consume a significant amount of memory. Though most users will not leave the configuration center open when closing the workspace, if you do so, it will reopen when you next start MyEclipse. You do not need to wait for the configuration center to open each time MyEclipse starts and can close it before it opens by pressing Ctrl + F8 or simply clicking the “Close” link.

    I apologize for any inconvenience caused; our focus this year is on performance and efficiency so you should be seeing improvements constantly being made in this area over the next few releases

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