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    Are the SNAPS like the XML Editor going to be included in the 6.6 or 7.0 releases?

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    Loyal Water

    CarlBerndt ,
    Im afraid the SNAP editors will not be added to the 6.6 or 7.0 release. Sorry about that.

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    SNAP were (are – using the 6.0 -) very usefull, when they will be reintroduced? What are the reasons for their exclusion from more recent releases?
    Thank you bye,

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    Loyal Water

    We are monitoring the requests for the SNAP editors and we might introduce the SNAP editors in a future release.

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    I would suggest you make it clear on your web site that SNAPs are at this time not available. We are led to believe that we are getting something and we really aren’t. Seems like false advertising to me.

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    Loyal Water

    I will get this changed right away. Sorry for the confusion.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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