Spring Explorer and Spring Features unavailable (not Scaffolding)

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    I have a few maven spring boot projects that I am trying to use MYE with.

    With these projects installed, I cannot find any of the spring tools that would help my to find components, services, etc.

    First, how do I make sure they are activated

    Second, where can I find them – I remember a Spring Explorer in the Spring Perspective but it does not exist and cannot find in off of the View menu?

    Third, should i see spring facet in my properties file that I could select as that is not visible?

    I am using a new workspace now and nothing is visible – my old one does not have these either.

    Where is the documentation located to where I can see what tools are provided for me – not the sales pitch side about creating a spring projoect – the actual dev tools.

    Version CI 2019.4.0
    build id: 16.0.0-20190403

    MYE for spring is installed – 16.0.0.c.xxxx component.2915.enr-0574


    o multi module maven project does not work — maven project, with two modules having their own pom. One is app server and the other is a react client. three projects are created in the workspace – client and backend server wkspaces are created and fine no errors — the main maven project has all java and javascript code X’d for error. it shows source folders in the parent project all X’d out.

    o FileSync plugin cannot install – complains of two missing folders around equinox and angular ide.

    o Since i installed my CodeMix, I have been having issue with an error coming back on maven->update where it complains that the description cannot be set for the maven project. Cannot find anything on that on the web and it does not seem to affect anything. it has changed the type image on the .xml perhaps that is the reason

    Order of priority is Spring Tools, Maven project, CodeMix, file sync

    Thank you for your response –

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    Now i am getting register for CLI errors — and have to reinstall MYE.

    Is CodeMix a plugin to MYE or a standalone that i have a license for?

    Do i install MYE, then install the plugin before pointing to an old workspace?

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    I also upgraded to MYE Spring just now – to see if that will help with what is missing; i was under the impression all spring features except for scaffolding was part of base MYE but perhaps not

    Still appreciate connection on some of these items.

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    Sorry that you are seeing these issues.

    CodeMix can be installed on top of MyEclipse and does not need a separate license. It is included as part of MyEclipse license. You are right that except Scaffolding, the other Spring features are part of the basic MyEclipse. Scroll down this link for the feature list based on license level.

    1. Coming to the current state, can you please clarify how you upgraded to MyEclipse for Spring? MyEclipse 2019 comes bundled with Spring features and they are activated based on the license level. Advance Spring scaffolding wizards will be seen only when you apply the Spring or Bling license. Rest of the Spring features should be available with Standard and Professional license as well.

    2. Please recheck if the Spring related components are installed. Go to Help > Choose Components and check if ‘MyEclipse for Spring’ and ‘Spring Support for MyEclipse’ are in the Selected list. If they are not selected, then please select them from the left box and proceed with the wizard to enable them in the install and restart the IDE.

    3. If the Spring components are already selected, then can you please clarify if you are seeing the missing Spring features only post installing CodeMix? Please share with us the .log file which is located at workspace dir/.metadata/.log (change the extension to .txt and attach it here) to help us look for any errors logged.

    4. Can you please try starting MyEclipse with -clean command args and check if the Spring features are back?
    Here is the FAQ for starting with -clean : https://www.genuitec.com/forums/topic/troubleshoot-using-the-clean-command-line-argument/

    5. Regarding the Maven multi-module errors, can you please share with us what exact errors are reported for the projects?

    6. I see the problem with FileSync install at my end as well. We are looking into it and will get back to you soon.

    Apologies for inconvenience caused.

    Genuitec Support

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    Brian Fernandes


    Just checking in – were you able to get moving with the Swapna’s suggestions? Please let us know if you still need assistance.

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    All other spring features were not installed although they said they were. I went and upgraded to mye spring and then things seemed to work sring wise… I was also able to see a deployment for the multi-maven spring project to deploy to tomcat which I had just started to get started on…

    So previously I had waited on the upgrade. I just did the upgrade and am getting the annotation build issue when my project was migrated. Tried a good 6 hours worth of stuff and now I am going with updating to 219 with codemix bundle.

    I enjoy your product, albeit having some issues like this is painful previously and now again. Hoping this codemix bundle install and then lombok configure and j8 etc mods work.

    Merry xmas – will be on again if isuses.

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