Trouble creating project

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    I don’t mean to sound like I’m ignoring you regarding the directories. We do of course perform installation tests in different locations including like you have done. Unfortunately there is some data that is escaping us.

    Can you please confirm:
    1. That installing into the default location works for you?
    2. When you do your install, is it ever done as Run As Administrator or always as a regular user?
    3. Any special steps you too to setup your C:\angular folder?
    4. When you did another Windows 10 install, was your home directory/user still António?
    5. Do you have virus software running?

    Thanks — we’re really trying to get to the bottom of this for you and others who might be in the same situation.

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    While chatting here, one idea just popped up …

    6. What is the reason you are running in a non-standard location? Is your home directory hosted over a network mount?

    Perhaps the reason you need to install into a different location may be revealing in understanding the problems you are facing. It may also be just personal preference of course, which is totally fine.

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    I tried lots of combinations, admin/regular user (install and/or run), default/custom dir, etc.
    The reason I install it in a non-standard location is because I have to, it doesn’t let me install in the default one, because of the “ó” in the username. I came to the conclusion that the non-default location is the problem because I tested on another computer where the username doesn’t have “special” characters. In that case it works in the default location, fails in c:\angular. No special folder config in that case.

    I did try giving everyone full access rights in c:\angular in my main computer, but that didn’t solve it either.

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    Thanks Antonio,

    In your angularide.ini or eclipse.ini file in the install directory, could you please add the following after -vmargs:

    Please then start back up the Angular IDE. This will change where CodeMix stores the engine, gitbash, etc.

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    That was promising, but didn’t work. It installed all the .codemix files to c:\angular\home but now the terminal+ just remains blank and doesn’t execute the commands.

    I’m now executing the needed commands by hand and it works, so I can use my main computer. I’ll not be doing any more tests, I’ll wait for updates and wish for the best.


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