[Troubleshoot] MyEclipse is having network connection issues

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    When troubleshooting network connectivity issues in MyEclipse, the easiest and most detailed way to figure out what is going on is to have MyEclipse (and the underlying Pulse infrastructure) generate a very detailed communication log for you; telling you exactly what is going on, who is being communicated with and what is going wrong.

    In order to get a communication log from the Pulse platform that MyEclipse is built on, you need to set the com.genuitec.pulse.client.wire.debug=true JVM environment variable. This is typically done by using a -D VM argument and passing it in on the command line that executes MyEclipse.

    To easily do this you can edit the myeclipse.ini file that ships with MyEclipse; refer to this FAQ to find the ini file. The default file contents end with the existing -vmargs that we will want to add a new -D value to at the end. More specifically the last 3 lines of the file typically look something like this:


    We will add our new -Dcom.genuitec.pulse.client.wire.debug=true argument right at the end of the file (specifically, at the end of the list of -vmargs) so the last 4 lines of the file now look like this:


    NOTE: If you launch MyEclipse other ways, maybe with a custom ini file, from a shortcut or in some other manner, you can still get the communication log to generate by making sure the com.genuitec.pulse.client.wire.debug=true JVM system property is set in whichever way applies to your particular setup. The instructions above are for a default MyEclipse install. If you are using Pulse for example, you can set the given argument in the launch configuration from the Pulse Explorer, or edit the generated ini file directly that Pulse creates for each software profile.

    Now you will need to restart MyEclipse for the setting to take effect.

    After you have restarted MyEclipse (and optionally performed the action that was having the problem previously related to network connectivity), you can shut down MyEclipse (so the log file is written out) and navigate to the <Genuitec Install Dir>\Common\logs directory. Inside that directory you should now see a communications.log.gz file. If you do not see the communications.log.gz file, be sure MyEclipse is shut down so it will flush it’s log to the file completely.

    You can send this compressed GZ file to MyEclipse support if they have requested it, or analyze the file yourself to see what is going on. You can un-archive this file with any archive client that supports GZ compression, such as WinRAR or WinZip.

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