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    I have recently installed MyEclipse and the UML 2.0 visual designer does not look like the examples, and mine is not functional. I can’t find the UML 2.0 project in the ‘new project’ wizard.

    Is there something I am missing?


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    spark85 ,

    Sorry that you are seeing this issue with MyEclipse.

    1) Which version of MyEclipse are you working with? Can you share your Build ID from Help > About MyEclipse Enterprise Edition > Build ID ? Also share your Operating System and version details.

    2) How did you install MyEclipse ? Is it using Pulse / All-In-One installer / Archived Update site?

    3) The tutorials are not updated as per the latest version of MyEclipse. So you might see some differences in the screenshots. Also you can create a new UML 2 model and not a UML 2 project. Go to File > New > Other > MyEclipse > UML > UML 2 Model. Alternatively you can click on the blue box in the Tool bar for a New UML 2 model.

    4) Can you please elaborate on what exactly you mean by UML 2.0 visual designer not being functional ?

    5) Can you also attach a screenshot of the issue you are seeing for us to help get a visual ?

    6) Can you also please check the .log file which is located at <workspace dir>/.metadata/.log for any errors of interest. If yes then paste them here for us.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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