unable to use mat-date-range-picker-actions

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    I use MyEclipse to build an Angular 10 application which uses Angular material.
    In this application, I have a component template using a date range picker as presented here:

    I have the exact same code in my app (excerpt below):

                        <mat-form-field appearance="fill">
                            <mat-label i18n>Validity period</mat-label>
                            <mat-date-range-input [rangePicker]="validityPeriodPicker">
                                <input matStartDate formControlName="accountStartDate">
                                <input matEndDate formControlName="accountEndDate">
                            <mat-datepicker-toggle matSuffix [for]="validityPeriodPicker"></mat-datepicker-toggle>
                            <mat-date-range-picker #validityPeriodPicker>
                                    <button mat-button matDateRangePickerCancel>Cancel</button>
                                    <button mat-raised-button color="primary" matDateRangePickerApply>Apply</button>

    I cannot compile since I have the following error on tag :
    ‘mat-date-range-picker-actions’ is not a known element:

    If I remove this tag, it compiles.

    Please tell me how to fix this, as my code is exactly the same as the sample code provided by Angular.

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    It looks like you need to update the Angular Material version for the actions to work.
    Please see similar report here and check if updating the Material version helps : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66132625/getting-error-mat-date-range-picker-actions-is-not-a-known-element

    Genuitec Support

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    Hi Swapna,

    Thanks, I have updated the required librairies and it compiles fine now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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