Unreadable text inside inline search & UI controls


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    Hi there,

    Love DevStyle so far with the following exception: I can’t figure out how to change the color of text inside the DevStyle Inline Search bar, and currently, it’s invisible because it nearly matches the background color.

    Also, many of the textboxes and push button controls continue to use a white background with very light text color making them difficult/impossible to read.

    [Environment Information]
    OS: Ubuntu 16.04
    IDE Version: Eclipse Photon 4.8.0
    IDE Package: (Eclipse for C/C++)
    Theme: Darkest Dark (but affects all dark themes)
    Relevant Plugins Installed: None

    Many thanks for any assistance!

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    Hello! Mind just confirming what Ubuntu windows manager you are using and if you’ve tailored your OS theme at all?


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    Sure. I’m using default 16.04 settings which I believe is the Unity windows manager and Ambiance theme.

    Hope that helps!

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    Sorry about the problem. I’ve raised a bug report for development to investigate what can be done. This is heavily influenced by the desktop theme and Ambience doesn’t seem to work well in this regard. With some other desktop themes, the text shows up well. For example, I’ve tried Adwaita theme and a dark Arc theme, work nicely. I’m afraid that changing themes is the only workaround right now.

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    Thanks Tony,

    I just switched to Dark Arc and can now see the inline search text and text in other UI elements.

    Thanks for the suggestion, I like this theme and didn’t realize the interplay between desktop theme and DevStyle. Hopefully the Default Ubuntu theme gets improved support in the future, but this suits me fine.

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    That’s great news, fizziks. We’ll certainly see what we can do with the default desktop theme but I’m glad you have a set up you can work with.

    Thanks again for raising this and for your comments on DevStyle.

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