Which one is the latest version of MyEclipse?

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    The versioning is messed up. There’s no way to find out which one the current version of MyEclipse is. There’s no correct date information, according to the Delivery Logs there’s

    * MyEclipse 2017 Stable 2.0: Release date: 22 Dec, 2017
    * MyEclipse 2017 CI 10: Release date: 21 Dec, 2017

    So one could assume that Stable 2.0 is CI 10? But then there’s:

    * MyEclipse 2017 CI 9: Release date: 13 Jun, 2018

    And then there’s some website news about a MyEclipse 2018 version which should have been released in May 2018, but which can’t be found anywhere. This article:


    says “MyEclipse 2018 is coming in May” and “MyEclipse 2017 was first released in January 2017, and its most recent release, 2017 CI 10, was in December 2017“. So is CI 10 now the most recent release or 2.0? Is there a difference at all?

    Or is Genuitec shutting down MyEclipse? There wasn’t a 2017 update for almost half a year if I assume that the dates are messed up and the last release was in December 2017.

    So is that CI 9 from today or is the CI 10 date information wrong? How is the CI 10 related to the Stable 1.0? I mean why are there 2 streams and none with an offset from the stables?

    I’d need 1 thing: A most recent MyEclipse version which supports a JBoss 7 EAP connector. I’ve installed CI 10 now and Stable 2.0 now, but neither of them has it, they only have JBoss 7 AS connector which is JBoss 6 EAP according to the Red Hat convention about JBoss naming.

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    Brian Fernandes


    2017 CI 10 is the same build as 2017 Stable 2.0 as you had originally surmised, just delivered on different streams – these are the most recent versions of MyEclipse.

    Unfortunately the 2017 CI 9 date was “unhinged”, which is why it was always reflecting the current date – I corrected this to November 30, 2017, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    Yes, it has been a long time since a MyEclipse release, but we are certainly not shutting it down. We decided to skip Eclipse Oxygen and jumped to Eclipse Photon directly, and we’re also going to be integrating CodeMix for a far better dev experience. I admit this has delayed the release and that blog should have been updated, I’ll take care of that.

    Coming to your question, you should use 2017 CI 10, and use the Wildfly 10 connector for JBoss EAP 7, as EAP 7 is based on Wildfly 10. Further JBoss connector support (more recent WF/EAP versions) will be coming in the next major MyEclipse update.

    Hope this helps and sorry again for the confusion.

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    Thank you Brian, but now you are confusing me again. You suggest I should install the CI 10. I have to do that for 20+ people and I can’t use CI, I need something stable. The same for everyone, they shouldn’t be allowed to update.

    Thank you, I’ll use Wildfly then.

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    Brian Fernandes


    Real quick – you can use the 2017 Stable 2.0 release as well. From your last comment, you had both installed, so I suggested the CI release, but if your team already has a Stable installed, that is fine as well. Will be happy to clarify further.

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