Posted on Oct 23rd 2013

Every now and again, I actually get caught up on my blogging and PR writing, rare but it is known to happen, leaving me with a little time to hit the webs and see what's new. This afternoon while checking my Facebook feed, (HEY! It's my job - I have to be on FB!) I noticed several of my friends had some new little comics posted. Curious as a cat, I clicked and then spent the next 20 minutes trying to perfectly capture myself in Avatar form. I think those of you who've met me at conferences or cruise my FB photos will agree that I did pretty good!

I happened to share with my boss who thought it was missing just a bit of information about me, so I bumped it over into a comic that represents my daily life since converting over to Windows 8.

Yep - this is me alright! Grumpy-faced and yelling at my PC as per norm.hehehe

In any case, if you're taking your lunch break in just a bit, your boss is in a meeting, or you're finally all caught up, I would highly recommend entertaining yourself for a bit with this fun Avatar building app for Facebook,

Bitstrips has pulled out all the fun little experiences we cringe and laugh about on a daily basis, and what's more, they've even added some ridiculous comics based off of word play to make you giggle. Take a break and have some fun with Bitstrips, trust me it's a good time! In fact, hit me up on twitter at @HopefulIris or @Genuitec and share your creations with me.

As a side note, the site did crash about 20 minutes ago (12:30 PM CST) and I'm guessing that just due to too many people goofing off just like me. Be sure to check the site before you clock out for lunch for Avatar-building - I definitely would not want you to miss out!

- Iris Meneley
Your now Avatar-friendly Social Media Correspondent

Oh wait, there's more. Apparently my boss was envious and needed his own Avatar!

Boots and dress clothes, and in need of a shave - Yep, Jason nailed it!

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