Posted on Jan 3rd 2014

Yesterday Wired magazine published a guest piece on the demise of legacy applications and the importance of “rethinking existing business process systems for the new opportunities and constraints of cloud.” After outlining some common rationalizations on why CIOs stray from the move over to cloud development, writer Michael Beckley points out one critical fact - “designing for cloud and mobile first is not more expensive or difficult."

We agree, 110%! Designing for the cloud or for mobile devices doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It can be a simple and efficient process with the help of MyEclipse 2014, your modern application development platform "with integral cloud and mobile baked-in" and ready for consumption.

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Designed for a cloud-first strategy, MyEclipse 2014 lets you easily adapt legacy applications for the cloud and for cross-platform devices. With a unique blend of mobile tools, Java EE 7 technologies, and of course, Genuitec’s amazing blend of server connectors and in-house tooling, you can “avoid the legacy trap” and easily “treat cloud and mobile as integral to an application design.” Simply put, MyEclipse 2014 helps you move your legacy applications to the cloud for instant consumption by your team and for your customers, and allows you to future-proof your "software and solutions investments against the future demands and needs of the business." And the best part, we can get you mobilized for the cloud for as little as $32 per user per year!

Yes, traditional legacy applications are a fading practice, but that truth doesn’t have to be bitter. Let MyEclipse 2014 help you make the would-be frustrating process a bit sweeter and help your team adopt the cloud-first strategy that is quickly becoming a standard for enterprises that are delivering "remarkable success."