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Anabella Watson
Marketing & Social media lead. Loves tacos.

Today, we’re so proud to announce a series of key technologies new to MyEclipse. With our considerable understanding of developers and the vast array of software technologies that some use while others could care less, we tried focusing on a couple of different areas to ensure most of you get to truly enjoy and fall in love with this release.

What’s new…

CodeLiveEnableMenuLet’s start with the introduction of CodeLive. Using the Live Preview capabilities in CodeLive will sure help to make your web coding a more efficient experience.  In short, CodeLive is the start of a new way to work between the browser and MyEclipse, not only letting you see changes real time in your browser, but jumping from the file back into appropriate source. And lots more to come! Learn more.

We’ve got new template support! Quickly get started with an amazing looking UI for your web application. We help you get started. Simply select a template from the template tab in the dashboard and follow the wizard to get a Java EE application, then customize it as you wish! Learn more here.

What’s old but improved….

jsjet-iconJavaScript support with JSjet gets major improvements
Search now works. Find methods, fields, types and more. Limit the results also to read or write accesses, or declarations only, for instance.

Format selected blocks of JavaScript code. Now you don’t have to format the entire file. Pretty cool, huh? 

Other fixes include an easier way to navigate with Quick Outline, fixes in the Call Hierarchy view and the ability to use source maps when debugging a Node.js 6.x application.

Terminal, Snippets View & Docker Commands
Having a hard time remembering complex CLI commands? The Snippets view and the Terminal have both been enhanced to allow snippets representing commands to be dragged and dropped into the terminal for immediate execution or quick editing. You can even DnD commands from a text file!

Download MyEclipse HERE

Stable Delivery Log

Ci Delivery Log

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Posted on Jun 30th 2016