Posted on Aug 22nd 2014

Our Continuous Integration Stream continues its expansion with the release of Build 4. Now with CI 4, you can take your apps further and faster with improvements to REST and PhoneGap. 

rest_proj_viewCI 4 introduces the REST Web Services Project Explorer to the MyEclipse 2015 IDE, and quite possibly wins the longest feature name award. This new explorer lets you simply look at all your REST methods at a glance, giving you a quick snapshot of all the web services you’ve defined for a project.

In addition to the lovely view, it’s also easy to navigate between methods and resources. Double-click on the method in the Explorer view and you’ve opened the resource file to that method.  

PhoneGap BotWe’ve also added support for the PhoneGap 3.5 update, which offers a plethora of goodies for you. Of note, this update adds support for Windows Phone 7 and adds Chrome devtools support for debug builds for Amazon Fire OS. For a full look at the awesomeness of PhoneGap 3.5, click here to see the release notes.  

select_templateTo round off this build, CI 4 includes new PhoneGap Project JQuery Mobile Templates. These templates can be found in the New Project Wizard, and makes starting a PhoneGap mobile project a cinch! You can choose between a simple one page template, a multi-page template, or even create a master-detail template - all with just a click of a button. 

For more details on the release, please visit the Delivery Log. Or to download MyEclipse 2015 CI 4 please click the button below.