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Posted on Aug 30th 2016 Hello! here is the Genuitec Twitter chat recap! in case you missed it ?

Q1 What’s new with the latest 2016 CI 5 releases of and ?
A1 Our first addition to the dashboard, is a new Magic Wand analysis and navigation tool.
 The Wand shows you where each section of the file is coming from;click to open source in
CodeLive Bi-directional selection

We’ve improved integration of linters, & support , and out of the box with
Existing linting configuration files will be respected, and it’s easy to customize settings too

JSHint Settings

Q2 For the gurus out there — any new server connectors for in 2016 CI 5?
A2 In 2016 CI 5, we added a 9 connector.  A full-featured 9 connector will be out w/ CI 6 shortly – 7 finally comes to WebSphere

Q3 What is the timeline for support for ?
A3 We’re about half-way through with our port, we should have an , MyEclipse 2017 release in late September
A3 For modern on , you can also use on since day zero

Q4 What about support, you promised some teasers in the last chat…
A4 support is actually coming to both and in the upcoming CI 6 release 🙂
A4 We have a editor with content assist, as-you-type validation & automatic transpilation
Q5 Missing from support is tsconfig.json support. Will ‘s support respect/use it?
A4 Everything is customizable, from validation to editor colors. Navigation is easy with the outline & go-to-definition
A5 at the crux of support we load/store settings to the tsconfig file directly
Ts config
A5 No need to duplicate settings in the config and – easily work with external cmd line or other tools

Q6 You have mentioned periodically – will have any special support?
A6 Yes! Prelim support for is coming in 2016 CI 7, to both and
A6 We will have editors, content assist and validation supported, plus generator wizards to start with
A6 We realize you need an intelligent CLI, so we will include a souped up terminal with smarts as well

Q7 If I use today, can I still start using for development in ?
A7 Absolutely, we’re going to make it easy to bring existing projects into ,with minimal setup
A7 With the basic support, you can already start developing using CI 6

Turning things around, let me ask you a question !
Q8 Why is looking to build out support in ?
A8 The modern is getting pulled into building increasingly more advanced interfaces using technologies
A8 has changed the dynamic for allowing low-cost development with high value, like Java did to C
A8 Coupling and gives a rich stack for rapid development for sites & facilitates

Q9 Why specifically the interest in for developers?
A9 First, there is a parallel between and in they both provide well validated development stacks
A9 More importantly serves a similar role to in providing a robust structure for teams
A9 + w/ + is the ideal for the modern enterprise

Q10 Is now the time for enterprises to move to for their front-end development?
A10 Yes. No hesitation for enterprise portals. Many of our customers are already starting down this path
A10 on top of allows existing dev teams to easily build super responsive front-ends w/

That wraps up our for today for the moderated questions, as always, we’re available on DM and @Webcilpse
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