Posted on Aug 7th 2014

Join the MyEclipse 2015 Continuous Integration (CI) Stream today, and get access to the latest developer technologies before the general public does.   

Already we've added some great new technology and features to the MyEclipse 2015 CI build. You can see what's new in the Delivery Log.

MyEclipse 2015 CI Stream version 3 is now available. 

MyEclipse Continuous Integration Stream version 3
MyEclipse 2015 CI
Inside you'll find a number of bug fixes and improvements to the stream. Of notable mention are:

* Updated Spring Tool Suite (STS) to version 3.6.0 from 3.5.1
* Fixed an issue that prevented iOS binaries from being installed on devices

For our MyEclipse Secure customers, CI 3 will install much faster into your Secure Delivery Center Admin Console now thanks to some magic under the covers (if you already have CI 2)!

Happy coding!