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Angular IDE with TypeScript, makes it easier to write & maintain sophisticated modern web apps! Get the safeguard of a statically typed language, while harnessing all the greatness that is JavaScript & TypeScript.

✓ Get apps running in minutes, not hours

✓ Reap the benefits of a statically typed language

✓ Keep code flowing with a multitude of resources

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Productivity Soars with an IDE

Why an IDE? Simple, it makes life easier!

  • Wizards prompt you for details and then do the work for you.

  • An advanced Terminal for the optional use of the command line.

  • Powerful TypeScript debugging with source map support for simple setup.

  • Included Angular server to quickly deploy and test your Angular apps.

  • Intelligent open declaration commands to jump between TypeScript files.

  • CodeLive to quickly jump to a component’s source from within the browser.

Better Tooling with TypeScript

Why TypeScript? Oh, so many reasons!

  • Language services and static typing result in better tooling.
  • Exceptional type checking and auto-completion for cleaner code.
  • Reliable refactoring reduces risk and cost, especially on large projects.
  • Superset of JavaScript reduces learning curve –  if you know JS, you know TS!
  • Well-defined interfaces promote good design and reduce tight coupling.
  • Easy to read and comprehend code with optional use of type annotations.

          Dive Right in Regardless of Expertise

          Unsure where to start? We can help!

          • Peruse the online learning center to get the most from Angular IDE.

          • Walk through tutorials to learn from hands-on examples.

          • View blogs with valuable tutorials and the latest Angular news.

          • Visit the forums for community and staff support.

          • Utilize the in-product Cheat Sheet that walks you through creating a new project.

          • Choose a template to quickly get a project going. 

          Named Best Angular IDE by DuneBook

          “There are so many great features worked into Angular IDE by Webclipse that it’s hard to single any out as the best. From its debugger, to its blazing fast speed in general, Angular IDE by Webclipse is the smoothest, most helpful Angular development environment we’ve ever worked with.”

          Best of Both Worlds

          Angular IDE includes a number of wizards to simplify everything from project creation to adding new services and components. You also get the Terminal+ view which helps with the management and usage of different command line tools. This combination gives you the ease of an intuitive interface and the flexibility of the command line when needed. It also makes a great learning tool! Use a wizard and then view what’s going on behind the scenes in the Terminal+.

          Static Language Advantages

          Thanks to the benefits associated with TypeScript, you’ll enjoy: 

          • Real-time validation 
          • Auto-completion 
          • Syntax-aware source coloring and occurrence highlighting
          • Block and full-file formatting with advanced settings
          • Intelligent open declaration commands 
          • CodeLive to jump to source code directly from the browser
          • Integrated support for debugging 
          • TSLint integration for cleaner code

          Nothing to Fear

          It can be daunting to learn something new. In addition to bringing you the best Angular IDE on the market, we also want to help you get the most out of it! At Genuitec, we are committed to bringing relevant content focused on modern web development.

          Because the best way to learn is by doing, many of our blogs are tutorials with files or blocks of code that allow you to follow along. Check out this example. It’s from one of our popular blogs that walks you through creating a Cryptocurrency Dashboard with Angular.

          Ready to harness the greatness of TypeScript using the Angular IDE that is simple for beginners, yet powerful for experts?