Deliver IntelliJ IDEA from within Secure Delivery Center

Are your teams using IntelliJ IDEA or WebStorm?

Join the private beta and start using Secure Delivery Center to get your teams the tools they need. Deliver WebStorm or IntelliJ seamlessly preconfigured out to your developers, all behind the firewall.

Genuitec Launches Private Beta for JetBrains IDE Delivery

Secure Delivery Center isn’t just for Eclipse IDE delivery anymore. Organizations using JetBrains IDEs can benefit from the same team tool stack management technology that has simplified Eclipse delivery over the past several years. Deliver IntelliJ IDEA and WebStorm centrally, with simple point-and-click team software configuration!

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After reviewing a couple of low priority requests on potential SDC improvements with your team, I observed: The absence of any high priority issues speaks of how well SDC is working for us and that is a significant departure from the previous deployment methods we have used over the years. Ryan Brooks

Lead Engineer, Boeing

SDC can save you hard cash by reducing the on-ramp and update times for your developers up to 92% – save man-weeks per year.

  • Toolstack Setup Savings 92%

Deliver IntelliJ to your Teams

Deliver WebStorm and IntelliJ to your developers, all behind the firewall. Control when your users get updates bringing sanity and control to your team’s toolstack lifecycle.

Bundle Plug-ins and Settings

Bundle your team’s preferred plug-ins and settings with IntelliJ and WebStorm to ensure consistency with the team, and improve developer productivity.

Protect Your Developers

Protect your developers from bad updates to plug-ins, time wasted fiddling with unexpected breaks, and empower your lead developers to give the right tools to their peers.