Eclipse Distribution Made Easy

Secure Delivery Center delivers custom tool stacks to development teams in a process that requires little to no effort from team members. By providing the exact setup needed, engineers can get up and running on a project in no time.

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Stability & Consistency

Teams require consistency in their IDEs to prevent compatibility issues and create stability during a project cycle. Team environment set up includes having the correct versions of add-on software, preference settings, current projects, and more. With SDC, IDE setup is done at an administrative level, giving team members freedom from this task.

Team Projects Included

When getting a new team member up and running, valuable time is spent getting team projects into the developer’s IDE workspace. By packaging project sets, Git repositories, and other tasks in the IDE configuration, administrators automate this task for the new guy – no searching, downloading or importing.

Point & Click Installation

By creating Eclipse IDEs that package the necessary add-on software and workspace settings, you can make on-ramping a nominal task. End users simply install, and that’s all!