Effortless RCP Delivery

Ease the delivery lifecycle of Rich Client Platform applications using SDC’s automated process. With easy client access, worry-free installer builds, and quick updates, your product is up to date and in the hands of your clients with little effort.

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Make a Good First Impression

Your users’ first touch point with your product is the installer. SDC automatically builds installers tailored for your product, offering a rapid and easy installation experience. Putting together nice, usable installers is one less thing for you to worry about.

Update Efficiently

Getting your product installed is only the first step — you want to efficiently roll out updates to your users. Efficient software rollout is what SDC is all about. For advanced RCP applications, you can take advantage of simple APIs in SDC for effective management.

Automate from Build to Release

When using Maven/Tycho, Hudson or other technology, you not only want to build software but you want to ensure developers and testers have easy access to the latest build. Automation hooks allow automated delivery to the teams that need your software during the development stage.