Debugger for JavaScript & TypeScript

With Webclipse, debug your JavaScript, TypeScript, (X)HTML and JSP and Node.js files using the Eclipse Debugger interface you are already familiar with. Simply render your Eclipse Java EE applications in Google Chrome and start the debugging process. Use breakpoints, drop to frame and step execution commands to efficiently debug your web applications.  Add source maps and hot-swap code in the browser for even greater efficiency.

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Ready for an easy way to debug your JavaScript & TypeScript in Eclipse?

Debugger in Action

Use the sample projects in the tutorials to see the JavaScript debugger in action. These projects demonstrate how easy it is to debug your code from Eclipse.

Debugger in Brief

View a brief overview of the debugger to see how this powerful feature improves the quality of your web coding for JavaScript, TypeScript and more.

Debugger in Detail

Now that you know how easy debugging your JavaScript and TypeScript can be in Eclipse, use the following guides to get started.