Using Variables and Expressions

Use the Variables and Expressions views in the Debugger when you hit a breakpoint in your JavaScript or TypeScript code. Examine the values in your variables and expressions to locate problems with your code. You can also add expressions for experimenting. 


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Variables View

The Variables view of the Debug perspective allows you to view a list of variables and their values.  The local variables associated with the current stack frame display, in addition to global variables.

Use the Variables view to see local and global variables

Tip: Hover over a variable in the source code editor to display the value of the variable.


Expressions view

The expressions associated with the current stack frame display in the Expressions View of the Debug perspective. The value of the expression displays in the Value column. Click Add new expression to add a new expression.

Use the Expressions view to add expressions when debugging your code

Tip:  If this view is not included in your Debug perspective,  select Windows>Show View>Expressions.