Posted on Sep 4th 2015

Yes, REST inspect. You remember the time when you wanted to show exactly how a code was beahving with this or that technology, and share that to your team? Well, that's a feeling of the past my dear friend.
Webclipse integrates a RESTful inspect feature, and as you may know this technology has become the architectural style of choice for most modern web services , because it allows you to check your web on several URLs.


With Webclipse you can get an easy way to develop RESTful web services in Eclipse with REST Inspect.  This feature allows you to discover, create and test endpoints. And not only that, but you can also save endpoints with different parameters to be used as test data for you and your team, making the work a lot more easier.

Another way to benefit from REST Inspect is to use it as a “sandbox” to test remote web services included in your project, such as those provided by Twitter or Facebook. So try it now! and don't get behind