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Posted on Feb 24th 2021
Secure Delivery Center 2021.02 is here with a number of exciting updates. For starters, you’ll get upgraded JREs and JDKs. Also included in this release: optimized memory consumption, the ability to notarize apps for compatibility with macOS Big Sur, and support for self-signed certificates. Read on for the details!

Upgraded JREs/JDKs

Upgrades have been made across the board:
  • The SDC Hub now runs on a 64-bit OpenJDK 8
  • The Admin Console now runs on OpenJDK 11
  • Installers on Windows and macOS will bundle OpenJDK 11
On Linux, a JRE cannot be bundled, but you can use the -forcejredownload flag when running the installer to have one downloaded from the SDC hub. Note that the access policy must have the Download dynamically if needed flag specified.

Optimized Memory Consumption

Occasionally, perfectly valid MyEclipse promotions could fail with spurious resolution errors due to sub-optimal memory use—this is now fixed.

Support for macOS Big Sur

The macOS signing agent can now optionally notarize apps—you will need to fill in additional details when enabling signing. Refer to Configuring Signing Certificates for more information.

Support for Self Signed Certificates

You can now upload a custom cacerts file from your already configured JVM to allow your self signed certificates to be trusted by Java. This can be done at the system and package levels.

We’re Here for Your Team

If you’re currently using Secure Delivery Center to securely deliver your teams perfectly configured IDEs, be sure to update to this latest release. And if you’re not using SDC, go ahead and download it now and start your 30 day free trial.
Another must-have tool for teams is CodeTogether. CodeTogether let’s your team live code with each other from anywhere. Each team member gets to stay in their preferred IDE: Eclipse, VS Code or IntelliJ; or even join from a browser. If you haven’t already tried it, give our cloud version a try—it’s free!  We also have an on-premises version that lets you roll out CodeTogether internally and keep your source 100% behind the firewall.
If you have any questions or comments, send us a tweet @Genuitec_SDC or visit our forum.