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Anabella Watson
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The time to move to MyEclipse 2016 is now.

After months of very arduous work, MyEclipse 2016 Stable 1.0 is finally here! This is definitely one of the most exciting releases of the year (so far!). Why? Because we not only continued maintaining and improving core Java EE features, but we are also focusing on providing support for the Full Stack developer allowing Java EE-centric enterprises to continue expanding into Modern Web technologies.  2016 Stable 1.0 includes productivity and performance improvements across the board, and updates to popular tooling such as STS, m2e, BIRT, Webtools, & eGit.

jsjetStable comes with the awesome JSjet. If you don’t know what JSjet is (yet) you have been missing out. JSjet helps your JavaScript coding to go from meh to hot damn! JSjet with its syntax highlighting, call and type hierarchies; which allows you to easily visualize the flow of your code, and ECMAScript 6 aware will really improve the readability of your code and make the coding ride a smooth one.

this Stable release of MyEclipse introduces LivePreview with CodeLive. LivePreview, allows developers to instantly view changes in their HTML and CSS across browsers as they are typing inside their editor. Developers can easily experiment with changes getting those fastidious changes just right across Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari and more.  Even better, inside the browser, you can see which source files provided the page and jump back into editing the file seamlessly.

Another reason to move to MyEclipse…It comes with a side of CI 5!

CodeLive’s Magic Wand

CodeLiveIt can be hard to find your way in a project with dozens or hundreds of HTML files? Enable the Magic Wand in the CodeLive dashboard and it will show you the path to the source file in your MyEclipse workspace! It gets better – “Want to go to there”? Just click that element to open the source file in MyEclipse with the source corresponding to that element selected.

JavaScript Linter

JSjetJSHintJavaScript Valdation

If achieving high levels of JavaScript code quality is one of your goals,
using a JavaScript linter is essential and
you may already be using one. While we did support Linters with the first release of JSjet, this release makes the feature more robust, accessible and easier to use.

Choose from linters like JSHint, ESLint or JSCS – use the default linting settings, customize them within the IDE or use an external configuration file; JSjet is smart at picking those up automatically too.

We’ve also added the ability to customize JavaScript validation with a few validation settings.

Tomcat 9

tomcat9Tomcat 9 is still in beta, but we have a connector ready in case you want to get a head-start with this server.

Miscellaneous Key Fixes

  • In CI 4, if you compared JavaScript files, you would get a blank comparison editor, this has now been fixed.
  • If you use the Pebble templating engine, you’ll be happy to know that Pebble syntax will no longer show up as a validation error, though you need to opt-in to this on the JavaScript validation page.

Ready? Move to MyEclipse 2016 today! 🙂

Get MyEclipse 2016 Now!

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Posted on Aug 2nd 2016