JavaScript Syntax Highlighting with JSjet

JSjet includes outstanding syntax highlighting for JavaScript in Eclipse, helping you quickly comprehend code, focus on key components and quickly spot errors. JSjet is available in Webclipse or MyEclipse.

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JSjet was introduced in version 2016 CI 3 of Webclipse and MyEclipse.

Syntax Highlighting for JavaScript

JSjet utilizes the Acorn parser to provide unique colors for a multitude of JavaScript elements based on semantics. Syntax highlighting includes support for new ES 6 constructs like classes, templates, import/export statements and many more.

Example of JavaScript syntax highlighting

Highlighting Embedded JavaScript

JSjet includes syntax highlighting for JavaScript included within HTML files. Even the small bits of JavaScript in an onclick attribute are properly highlighted.

Example of JavaScript code in an HTML file


Setting Preferences for Syntax Highlighting

You can modify many of the color and styling preferences for elements affected by syntax highlighting. To edit the default settings for an element, go to Windows>Preferences>(MyEclipse>)JavaScript>Editor>Syntax Coloring. Some elements are always styled and cannot be disabled, the Enable checkbox is grayed out. For others, you can decide whether you want to enable or disable syntax highlighting. For each element you can select the desired color and styling. 

Preferences for syntax highlighting