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Web Scripting Simplified for JavaScript & TypeScript

Code with Ease

Our own JSjet brings modern JavaScript and TypeScript to Eclipse with exceptional content assist for faster coding, tools to better visualize and navigate your code, and so much more!

Trust Your Code

Gain confidence in your code with instant code validation, source refactoring and an integrated debugger that delivers the power and familiarity of the Eclipse Java debugger. 

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It’s free to try in Webclipse, MyEclipse and Angular IDE.

Note: TypeScript support in JSjet was introduced in version CI 6 of Webclipse and MyEclipse. Click here for more information.

Syntax Highlighting

Extensive syntax highlighting improves the readability of your JavaScript and TypeScript code, allowing you to quickly spot elements and greatly improve the overall coding experience. As a result of our broad understanding of both JavaScript and TypeScript, you get comprehensive highlighting with unique coloring based on semantics, including ES6.

Syntax highlighting within HTML files is remarkable—even the small bits of JavaScript in an onclick attribute are properly highlighted. If you are familiar with the ineffectual highlighting in Eclipse, you are going to be impressed. 

JSjet Syntax Highlighting
JSjet Content Assist

Intelligent Content Assist

The ability to quickly code with content assist is a must for the modern developer. If you’ve found the content assist in Eclipse to be unreliable at best, you will be blown away by our advanced content assist.

A powerful inference engine allows JSjet to build a more accurate model of JavaScript resources, resulting in a more exhaustive and accurate list of content proposals. Plus, you can get better content assist along with documentation for a number of JavaScript technologies that you have the option to enable.

And if you use TypeScript, our node module management automatically installs npm for you and gives module-aware content assist to speed the development process.

Fast and Accurate Validation

No more waiting to test your web application before knowing something isn’t quite right. Instant validation of your JavaScript (including ES6) and TypeScript immediately alerts you when there is a problem with your code.

Validation is both at the in-editor level as well as across your project. And don’t worry, unlike regular Eclipse taking minutes (hours?) to finish, JSjet validates huge projects in seconds!

JSjet Validation
JSjet Debugger

Integrated Debugging

A powerful debugger is a must for any software development. Our powerful debugger for JavaScript and TypeScript allows you to debug code from within Eclipse using the same interface as the Java debugger you love. For debugging web pages, the debugger integrates with Google Chrome giving you best in class support for page inspection alongside your integrated debugger.

If Node.JS is your preference, no problem, we can debug it too! Watch productivity soar as you work with the external browser you prefer for a real-world rendering experience.

More on Debugging

Call and Type Hierarchies

The Call Hierarchy view enables you to easily visualize the flow of your JavaScript code by viewing all calls to and from a selected function. JSjet takes this handy view a step further by allowing you to view hierarchies for methods, fields and variables.

Another invaluable view is the Type Hierarchy for your JavaScript code. JSjet provides strong support for type hierarchies. This view will likely become a favorite if you are taking advantage of the new classes capability in ES6.


JSjet Hierarchy Views
JSjet Refactor

Source Refactoring

Like Java refactoring in Eclipse, inline and rapid refactoring support for code is critical to keeping projects clean and readable. Maybe you’ve avoided renaming in JavaScript or TypeScript, or done it the hard way due to a mistrust of Eclipse’s rename refactoring capabilities. Don’t let your code get ugly, or worse, require extensive comments! Finally, there is refactoring you can trust with accurate rename refactoring for variables and functions throughout your entire project.

Source Formatting

Quickly format either highlighted sections or the entire JavaScript or TypeScript file. JSjet includes a rich understanding of syntax, (including ES6), resulting in proper indentation of your code with a simple click of the mouse. 


JSjet Source Formatter
JSjet Open Declartion

Jump to Declarations

A reliable Open Declaration option is a real timesaver for the modern JavaScript developer. This is especially useful when working with a large number of libraries and you really don’t recall where a given function is coming from. Now it’s a breeze to jump to the declaration for the current object, whether a method, field, or function. This includes declarations in the current file or another file in the project. This same handy feature is available for definitions in TypeScript. 


Better Visualization of Code

The ability to easily visualize elements in your code provides a nice way to navigate your project. Use the Outline view to clearly see the structure of a file in its entirety. JSjet includes rich support in the Outline view due to its thorough understanding of JavaScript and TypeScript. Simply click an element in the outline to jump to that section in your code.

JSjet Code Visualization
Occurrence Highlighting

Occurrence Highlighting

The advanced understanding of JavaScript and TypeScript that makes the Outline view so superior, also provides outstanding occurrence highlighting. Occurrence highlighting helps you understand the role of particular methods and variables in your code. Click a variable or method in a file to view all occurrences of the selected item within the file. Combine this feature with the Outline view for a nice way to visualize and navigate code.