Nataliya Muriy
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Posted on Jul 10th 2017

The wondrous world of CI 7 is opening its doors for you in our 12th release this year with more software updates. Whether you prefer using Angular IDE or Eclipse, this release has a few gems in store for you: we’ve added support for Eclipse 4.7-Oxygen, TypeScript 2.3, as well as a totally new Open Type capability for TypeScript and Angular developers.  WebSphere Portal Server 9 connector is also included in this release.


Since Eclipse 4.7 (Oxygen) has just been released, we couldn’t lag behind: Webclipse & Angular IDE are now fully compatible! We’ve included fixes in Darkest Dark, Angular IDE and JSjet, so you can take a deep breath and truly enjoy some Oxygen. What’s more, an Oxygen-based release of MyEclipse is in the works.


For those faithful to Angular, CI 7 also has great news because TypeScript 2.3 is now supported. Thus, your wait to try its newest features — sync Generators, or the new for..await..of statements — is over. There is also support for new flags like –strict. This isn’t all, though! Open Type functionality is now part of our tooling, making it possible for you to navigate to any symbol of interest, across your workspace or in specific projects, in a very user-friendly manner.

Our Darkest Dark could not be forgotten either! It has been updated to take full advantage of what Oxygen can do: now Markers and Problems views have headers that match the whole look.

This is what we’re bringing to you in July, but — as always — more jewels will become part of your developer’s treasure box with our CI 8. It’s already in the works!