Nataliya Muriy
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Posted on May 11th 2017

Continuous improvement is Genuitec’s priority — CI5, the 9th release this year, has opened up for you already! We have worked our magic on TypeScript (TS), Angular and Darkest Dark. Take a look at what we’ve come up with!

ci5-gif1Many secret ingredients have come together to make your TS experience a charm. If you’re already using TSLint 5 for your projects, no worries — we have just the potion! Support is now available (including severity levels on linting rules), no matter the version used.

TS refactoring has received a magic touch at many levels too. First of all, TypeScript variables, fields, methods and functions can now be refactored inline: no need to continue going through a dialog. These ci5-gif-2rename functions do not yet work in Angular templates, but that’s next on our list. TS files (except in Angular) can be renamed too, and we will correct their imports in other TS sources. Another piece of good news — you won’t be left in the dark before applying refactoring to your code (you can preview both identifiers and files). What’s more, it’s now a breeze to locate and import the necessary file or library thanks to our content assist in import statements.

It doesn’t end there! Thanks to the valuable feedback we’ve been receiving, other fixes are now part of the release:

  • Added smart caret positioning.
  • Quick fix for “new line at end of file”.
  • When used correctly, the Pipe (|) in TypeScript 2.2 source will no longer be reported as an error.
  • TSLint can now load custom rules.
  • Several performance issues.
  • When keying in imports manually, an error will no longer be logged or displayed.
  • Problems with automatic importing of classes from typings definition files

ci5-gif-4This release also features three improvements to Angular. First of all, there is no longer a need for manual installation steps — you can use our executable installers for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Your coding work will now be cleaner and more focused thanks to a simplified perspective. Finally, you can enjoy the power of custom arguments now made available for the Chrome process. Our Darkest Dark theme has not been forgotten either. For starters, it will now work correctly on 32-bit Windows. The last line of the Terminal view will no longer be hiding from you, and the JUnit view’s trace section has the right colors. Besides, JSON Editor colors are now looking beautiful when ECT is installed.

Aside from fixing and adding stuff, we’ve had to say our good-byes too. Some say that all good things come to an end. That is the case with Luna. Due to a small numbers of users, we will no longer be providing support for this version of Eclipse. If you are its fan, however, upgrade to Neon so you can still receive Webclipse updates.

This is what we’ve prepared for you this month, but be on the lookout for more magic to unveil itself in several weeks. CI6 is in the works!