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Nataliya Muriy
Marketing Content Creator - you name it, she'll write it!

The IDE world got a terrific makeover this year with the Darkest Dark theme, and now we are working on our entirely new summer collection — DevStyle, which will include a whole gamma of beautiful summery colors, as well as a new startup experience. Just imagine being able to completely change your entire UI color scheme as you please!

We had gone over to the dark side, and now back into the light? What’s going on here? No, we’re not being indecisive — we’re making your dreams come true! After an overwhelming acceptance of our dark theme — 86K downloads by June already, we’ve received many requests to take the traditional white one to a new level of coolness. But we’ve decided to go the extra mile and set you up with even more colors, both dark and light. Get ready! Our new color themes are heading your way this summer.  We have a whole gamma of dark and light choices!  You can now enjoy dark blue, purple green, or red (besides the Darkest Dark, of course), or opt for a light blue, purple, green, red, or silver.  The choice is yours!

Indeed, many have loved our Darkest Dark icons so much — and even contributed to creating them — that they would like to see them on a white theme. So, we’re now working on making this possible: the same fresh and modern-looking icons plus flat scroll bars you can find in our dark theme, coupled with simplified square tabs and one-color toolbar (instead of a gradient of colors). You’ll be able to continue enjoying the cool new look on a variety of backgrounds.

Summer of 2017 is here to bring you even more fashion sense into the IDE of your choice: Angular, MyEclipse, Webclipse or Eclipse (once again, the light themes will be available as free plugins, just like the Darkest Dark). Both dark and light themes are eager to go down the catwalk!

So download the Darkest Dark now to be one of the first one to try our new DevStyle!

Just click on this button:

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