Including Extra Software in a Package

You can include add-on software as part of the package from either the admin console or the portal. Separately, you can enable a Secure Marketplace catalog that allows users to easily add approved add-on software. It is recommended to have software that everyone needs in the base package. In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Include extra software in a package
  • Install related optional software

1. Include Extra Software in a Package

  1. Open an existing package, and click the Software tab.
    Note: Beginning in SDC 2017, you can also include extra software from the web portal
  2. In the Available Extra Software section, expand a software list, and select the software you want to add.

    Standard add-ons from Eclipse Discovery, etc. are listed by default and come from the Eclipse Discovery and other packs you installed. For MyEclipse packages, available software components that can be included are listed.

    Click import_update_site_icon to specify software update sites from which to include third-party software. When you choose software from an update site, it is included in the Available Extra Software list. See Importing Third-Party Software for more information.
  3. Click addIcon to add it to the list of selected extra software.

    Adding extra software
  4. Select the software from the Selected Extra Software section and click  sdcOpSysButton to select the supported operating systems for the software.  By default, all operating systems are selected.  

1.1 Remove Software from a Package

The Selected Extra Software section lists all software you added from the Available Extra Software section. To remove an item from the list, select the software, and click remove_icon. To remove multiple software, click remove_multiple_icon. This opens a window that allows you to select multiple software to remove.

Note: Beginning in SDC 2017, you can also remove extra software from the web portal

Removing multiple software

2. Install Related Optional Software

When selecting add-on software, there are several add-ons that have additional supporting components you generally want to install, as well. When you choose these add-ons from a certified software pack, the supporting components are automatically added, as well. In the example below, SVNKit for Subclipse was added from the Certified Popular Software pack. This triggered both the install of Subclipse and the inclusion of the supporting components.

Supporting components are added automatically