Nataliya Muriy
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Posted on Jun 28th 2017

The saying “Time is money” is definitely applicable in the world of web development, and CodeLive helps you manage your time very wisely. It makes it possible to see which files or Angular components get loaded on a web page and go from there to the source in a heartbeat. 

If you are ready to enjoy this lightning fast experience within Angular, check this page for all the details. For a very quick overview, follow the steps outlined here or watch the tutorial.


To start using CodeLive in Angular:

  1. Select your project in Servers View.
  2. Make sure CodeLive icon is enabled.
  3. Start the server.
  4. When CodeLive dashboard comes up, select the Magic Wand and choose the necessary component.
  5. CodeLive allows you to open components directly in your Angular IDE. Just click on the file you need to open, edit it and save.

Quite a breeze, isn’t it? For an even smoother coding experience, try using CodeLive in our Angular IDE. Your developer’s world will definitely be rocked!

Angular is also part of our CodeMix plugin and our MyEclipse IDE.