Live Preview with CodeLive for Faster Web Development

View Changes Real-Time

Instantly view changes to your HTML, CSS and JSP within your normal JavaEE development workflow—no browser plugins or debug sessions needed!

Test in Multiple Browsers

Test changes in multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge simultaneously—you can even test mobile devices with an emulator.

Try it Now!

It’s free to try in Webclipse, MyEclipse and Angular IDE.

Ready for more efficient web development?

Instantly View Changes

Think of the time you’ll save when you immediately see changes to your HTML and CSS files. Modify list items, change the structure of your page or update Div styling—you won’t have to waste time deploying before you know if you are happy with the changes. Edit your CSS to experiment with broad changes to your web page such as new colors, fonts and margins.

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View Source Code from the Browser

Use the CodeLive Dashboard to view a list of all files used to load the page. You can select a file from the list to quickly to view it in the source editor. Another useful way to view your source code is to use the Magic Wand tool to select an element on the page and jump directly to the appropriate line of source code. 

Live Highlighting

Live Highlighting lets you quickly see which areas on a page are affected by a change.  When your cursor is placed in an HTML file, the corresponding elements are highlighted in the browser.  When your cursor is on a rule in a CSS file, all affected elements are highlighted in the browser.

Support for JSP

Maybe you use JSP to create dynamic web content. With Live Preview you can view changes to static blocks allowing you to rapidly develop advanced web pages in a snap! With the first release of Live Preview, JSP support is included as an experimental preview feature. Further enhancements will be included in future CI releases.

View Multiple Browsers and Devices

Have you ever created a beautiful web page, only to discover it’s not so beautiful in a particular browser or mobile device? Live Preview lets you simultaneously test your web page on multiple browsers and simulated mobile devices so you can make sure your page always behaves properly, regardless of browser or device.  

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