Eclipse 3.1M5 compatibility…?

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    Eclipse 3.1M5 is making it’s way to the mirrors. I found it here:


    Will MyEclipseIDE work without a problem with 3.1M5?

    – Mark

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    Riyad Kalla

    Will MyEclipseIDE work without a problem with 3.1M5?

    We are waiting for you to tell us 😉

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    I didnt have any luck with the deployments and my projects MyEclipse-Web properties page 🙁

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    @support-rkalla wrote:

    Will MyEclipseIDE work without a problem with 3.1M5?

    We are waiting for you to tell us 😉

    Okay, okay… 🙂

    I didn’t find any problems thus far, but I only did some very limited testing.
    I was able to start my Tomcat-server in 3.1M5 with settings I had defined in an 3.1M4-workspace.

    – Mark

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    I get a null pointer exception in “DeploymentBuilder”

    at com.genuitec.eclipse.ast.deploy.core.DeploymentBuilder.webProjectBuildDelta(Unknown Source)
    at com.genuitec.eclipse.ast.deploy.core.DeploymentBuilder.webProjectBuildDelta(Unknown Source)
    at com.genuitec.eclipse.ast.deploy.core.DeploymentBuilder.buildDelta(Unknown Source)
    at com.genuitec.eclipse.ast.deploy.core.DeploymentBuilder.build(Unknown Source)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.events.BuildManager$2.run(BuildManager.java:581)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.runtime.InternalPlatform.run(InternalPlatform.java:1015)
    at org.eclipse.core.runtime.Platform.run(Platform.java:757)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.events.BuildManager.basicBuild(BuildManager.java:160)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.events.BuildManager.basicBuild(BuildManager.java:198)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.events.BuildManager$1.run(BuildManager.java:227)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.runtime.InternalPlatform.run(InternalPlatform.java:1015)
    at org.eclipse.core.runtime.Platform.run(Platform.java:757)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.events.BuildManager.basicBuild(BuildManager.java:230)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.events.BuildManager.basicBuildLoop(BuildManager.java:249)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.events.BuildManager.build(BuildManager.java:278)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.events.AutoBuildJob.doBuild(AutoBuildJob.java:138)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.events.AutoBuildJob.run(AutoBuildJob.java:199)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.jobs.Worker.run(Worker.java:67)

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    This shows up in the log:

    !SESSION 2005-02-20 09:37:59.419 ———————————————–
    java.vendor=Sun Microsystems Inc.
    BootLoader constants: OS=linux, ARCH=x86_64, WS=gtk, NL=en_US
    Command-line arguments: -os linux -ws gtk -arch x86_64

    !ENTRY org.eclipse.core.resources 4 2 2005-02-20 09:37:59.421
    !MESSAGE Problems occurred when invoking code from plug-in: “org.eclipse.core.resources”.
    !STACK 0
    java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraints violated when linking org/xml/sax/EntityResolver class
    at org.jdom.input.SAXBuilder.configureParser(SAXBuilder.java:506)
    at org.jdom.input.SAXBuilder.build(SAXBuilder.java:351)
    at org.jdom.input.SAXBuilder.build(SAXBuilder.java:673)
    at com.genuitec.eclipse.j2eedt.metadata.ProjectModule.unmarshal(Unknown Source)
    at com.genuitec.eclipse.j2eedt.core.J2EEProject.loadMetaData(Unknown Source)
    at com.genuitec.eclipse.j2eedt.core.J2EEProject.<init>(Unknown Source)
    at com.genuitec.eclipse.j2eedt.core.WebProject.<init>(Unknown Source)
    at com.genuitec.eclipse.j2eedt.core.WebProject.<init>(Unknown Source)
    at com.genuitec.eclipse.j2eedt.core.J2EECore.getWebProjectsList(Unknown Source)
    at com.genuitec.eclipse.j2eedt.core.J2EECore.getWebProjects(Unknown Source)
    at com.genuitec.eclipse.ast.deploy.core.DeployedResourceEventProcessor.?(Unknown Source)
    at com.genuitec.eclipse.ast.deploy.core.DeployedResourceEventProcessor.access$0(Unknown Source)
    at com.genuitec.eclipse.ast.deploy.core.DeployedResourceEventProcessor$B.visit(Unknown Source)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.events.ResourceDelta.accept(ResourceDelta.java:68)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.events.ResourceDelta.accept(ResourceDelta.java:77)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.events.ResourceDelta.accept(ResourceDelta.java:49)
    at com.genuitec.eclipse.ast.deploy.core.DeployedResourceEventProcessor.resourceChanged(Unknown Source)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.events.NotificationManager$2.run(NotificationManager.java:285)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.runtime.InternalPlatform.run(InternalPlatform.java:1015)
    at org.eclipse.core.runtime.Platform.run(Platform.java:757)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.events.NotificationManager.notify(NotificationManager.java:279)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.events.NotificationManager.broadcastChanges(NotificationManager.java:153)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.resources.Workspace.broadcastPostChange(Workspace.java:177)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.resources.Workspace.endOperation(Workspace.java:917)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.resources.SaveManager.save(SaveManager.java:979)
    at org.eclipse.core.internal.resources.Workspace.save(Workspace.java:1736)
    at org.eclipse.ui.internal.ide.IDEWorkbenchAdvisor$2.run(IDEWorkbenchAdvisor.java:282)
    at org.eclipse.jface.operation.ModalContext$ModalContextThread.run(ModalContext.java:111)

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    I have gotten addicted to using generics in Java 5. Unfortunately, M4 generic support is not as good as M5’s. Is the ME team planning on releasing a M5 compatiable version of ME or will you be waiting until the M6 release?


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    Scott Anderson

    Actually, there are a few compatibility problems with 3.8.4 and M5 due to some changes to the underlying Eclipse frameworks. So, 3.8.4 will not be totally reliable on M5. As far as future plans go, we’ll continue to release betas for whatever release of the M1 stream is current as it coincides with our normal release schedules. Whether or not a specific patch for 3.8.4 will be issued for M5 is still under review since we haven’t yet scoped the work due to our commitments building version 4.0 and getting stuff together for the team going to EclipseCon.

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    Please release a patch to 3.8.4 that will support M5.
    I need it personally.
    Thank you.

    #226585 Reply

    M4 doesn’t cut it for me either. I’d reall ylike a work around or fix for this.

    #227026 Reply


    I had to update to M5, because in M4 there were some errors in the Java-Compiler such as
    generating erroneus bytecode for enums.
    Now myeclipse doesnt work anymore, so it would be great to support M5 or M6 which will get released
    in 2 weeks from now.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Aleš Perme

    Hello, I had Eclipse 3.0.1 and MyEclipse (unfortuantely I can not remeber which version) installed prior I had to reinstall the whole OS again. I did a fresh install of Eclipse 3.1M5a and MyEclipse 3.8.4+QF2-BetaFor3.1

    Now I can not Remove Web Project Capabilities nor Add it to my previous working project.

    What is the latest known working pair of Eclipse and MyEclipse? Is there some config file in my project which I can manualy remove to remedy the situation or anything at all to make it work?


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    Riyad Kalla

    You must use Eclipse 3.1M4, that’s why in the download notes for that version, we say “This release will only work with Eclipse 3.1 M4”, we weren’t kidding 😉

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    So, any idea when the version compatible with 3.1M5 may become available? Also, when will 4.0 be ready as per your current roadmap?

    #227566 Reply

    Riyad Kalla

    4.0 is planned for late April, at that time we will make a release in line with the current Eclipse release (M6?) and continue to support 3.1 until final GA release. Sorry for the delays, we cannot derail to do an M5-specific release as we are in the home stretch for the 4.0 release.

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